SEARCH” State Resource Centre, Haryana came into existence in 1995. Since its inception the centre has been contributing significantly to achieve the objective of creating a “learning society”. A consistent endeavor for a period of more than a decade has provided an out-reach to the institution in more than one way. The institute predominantly works in the field of Literacy and Continuing Education. The programme of Continuing Education is aimed at providing a basis for life-long learning. This would, in the long run, help in creating a learning society, a society in which people would think, interact and form an opinion about each and every institution that affects their lives.

The programme has been conceived so as to create an environment in which everyone has an opportunity to learn and actively participate in the development of society. To make this possible, an important task is that of bridging the gap between the experts, intellectuals, academicians, researchers and scientists on the one hand and the common people on the other. It is, indeed, a gigantic task that carries within itself the complexities of the socio-cultural and economic fabric of society. The situation has been further complicated by accumulation of wealth in hands of small section that has earned the benefits of Green Revolution and industrial growth in the state. Consumerist culture has been evolved while dignity of an individual has degraded. In such a society talking for the poor, the vulnerable deprived sections especially, women, girls, dalits is a matter of great challenge.